Welcome to the offices of Dr. Mindy Beth Lipson.
I am here to support and guide you. My philosophy is that I learn as much from you as hopefully you gain from working with me. For being able to share in your healing journey, I am thankful. 

Making a decision to make life changes through psychotherapy or alternative treatments is a bold, powerful choice and one way to dramatic healing. There are many ways to healing. This door, I offer, is only one of many ways to growth. We are all here in this life trying to make necessary steps to ease our soul/mind/spirit/body and to grow and change. When we are allowed by others around us to do and be the truly spectacular person we are then that love we exude ripples out to others. Sometimes though we have been crippled by others who fail to understand this precious gift of unconditional caring and sharing and believe me this can be devastating. This work will help you to see and feel that unconditional caring and hopefully the healing that is just beyond the door you choose. Dr. Lipson is licensed in AZ, NY, MI, CT, WI, NC, PA and provides services by Telehealth for those who can not come in to the office due to time or ability. 

With blessings, Dr. Mindy Beth Lipson

Available Treatments

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  • individual psychotherapy

  • EMDR

  • Mental Imagery

  • Mindfulness Based - MBCT  

  • past life regression

  • Prayer work

  •  spirit based journeying

  • Dreamwork

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