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Making a decision to make life changes through psychotherapy or alternative treatments is a bold, powerful choice and one way to dramatic healing. There are many ways to healing. This door, I offer, is only one of many ways to growth. We are all here in this life trying to make necessary steps to ease our soul/mind/spirit/body and to grow and change. When we are allowed by others around us to do and be the truly spectacular person we are then that love we exude ripples out to others. Sometimes though we have been crippled by others who fail to understand this precious gift of unconditional caring and sharing and believe me this can be devastating. This work will help you to see and feel that unconditional caring and hopefully the healing that is just beyond the door you choose.

With blessings, Dr. Mindy Beth Lipson

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 Only accepting patients with certain conditions and those who are 18 years of age or older.  There is a waiting list at this time of extensive length. If you leave a message to be seen, you may not be called back and a voicemail does not insure a spot on the list. Thank you for your understanding. This office accepts some  insurance and is also cash for service for those whose plans are not accepted. This office is currently only accepting patients for telehealth wait list.  The in person office is at 17505 N 79th Ave Suite 211A, Glendale, AZ 85308.  The in person office is closing at the end of December and only telehealth services are offered at this time. 

"Compassion is the feeling of sympathy which the pain of one being awakens in another; and the higher and more human the beings are, the more keenly attuned they are to re-echo the note of suffering, which, like a voice from heaven, penetrates the heart, bringing all creatures a proof of their kinship in the universal G-d. And as for man, whose function it is to show respect and love for G-d's universe and all its creatures, his heart has been created so tender that it feels with the whole organic world… mourning even for fading flowers; so that, if nothing else, the very nature of his heart must teach him that he is required above everything to feel himself the brother of all beings, and to recognize the claim of all beings to his love and his beneficence." (Hirsch, Horeb, Chapter 17, Section 125)

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