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Dr. Lipson has helped me so much. I rated her highly because I've made so much progress with her direction and support. I highly recommend her to anyone, especially those with anxiety or depression. She will help you feel better. Anonymous,  AZ (2014)



I have been going to Dr. Mindy Beth Lipson for about 3 years now. I have a chronic illness and she has helped me to deal with this so well. I also had many family issues I had to work out and she has been so helpful to get me to a wonderful place in my life. I certainly would say not everyone would have to go as long as I did, but I could also turn to her for the much needed support with the psychological aspects of dealing with a chronic illness. She is so available, caring and spends time with you. She has not only been my therapist, but a wonderful mentor. Without her, life would have been so much more difficult. She helps you to get to the root of the problem quickly and gently and helps you every step of the way. I have been to other therapists in the past and she by far, surpasses them all. Anonymous,  AZ (2013)    

Dr. Lipson has a very eclectic approach. She is hightly intuitive and was able to send me to a naturopath who helped me get my immune system working better due to an underlying virus that no other doctor had found. Very thankful for her.  ( AZ) (2016)

I lost my brother to a suicide and did not know where to turn to. I was referred to Dr. Mindy from someone I trust who had been greatly helped by her in the past. She helped me with therapy, emdr and alternative spiritual treatments that really helped me to feel my brother's love and I was able to move on. I will always miss him,  but the traumatic pain and understanding of it changed. Thank you for your strength in helping me through this. ( AZ)(2016)

After a traumatic accident, Dr. Lipson helped me to work through the painful flashbacks and guilt I have been dealing with. I am doing much better after  months of work with her doing EMDR. ( AZ) 2018

Dr. Lipson has been a great help to me as I worked through a loss of a family member. I highly recommend her. She is straightforward and compassionate. ( AZ) 2018

After dealing with postpartum and taking meds with no real relief our work with emdr and other mindful, spiritual practices helped me to feel at peace and bond with my child. (AZ) 2018

Testimonials are posted here, however to protect confidentiality only iniitals or none at all are used. I am grateful to the many clients over the years who have wanted to share these. Blessings always, Dr. Lipson



Great person...... simply no words to explain how much she has helped me. NY (2010)


After twenty years of a serious illness, Dr. Lipson helped me figure out it was Lyme disease within 10 minutes and referred me to specialists who saved my life. I am forever grateful.  CT (2011)


I dealt with severe sex abuse as a child and it effected my whole world, including relationships with others and mainly my self. With the work I did with Dr. Lipson everything changed for the better. NY (2009)


Severe headaches plagued me from the chronic illness I struggled with and her alternative treatments improved my life tremendously.  NY (2010)


I have tried a few therapists over the years but only saw them once or twice due to what I viewed as a lack of professionalism or competency. I have been seeing Dr. Lipson however, for over a year now. She is very professional, genuine, and knowledgeable about an array of treatment modalities, religions and spiritual thought, and mental health in general. I have recommended her to others and they have found her to be equally helpful. She understands the financial burden and is willing to work with you as much as she can. I appreciate her direct communication style and the various tools she uses to lend clarity to things going on in my life. I highly recommend Dr. Lipson for any counseling services or other mental health needs.   AZ (2013)


I have been going to Dr. Lipson for 3 years now. I have a chronic illness and personal issues. Dr. Lipson has helped me tremendously with getting the support and guidance I needed to cope and heal. Her approach is so caring and insightful which helps you recover from trauma rather quickly. I went to her in such a mess emotionally. I can say now, being in my 50's, that I am so relieved and am now mentally in the best place I've ever been all my life. I have been to other therapists over the years, which helped a little, but only a little. I continue to see her as she is more than a therapist to me.....she is my mentor. Thank you Dr. Lipson! you have truly helped me to make wonderful changes in my life!..and thank you for being there whenever i need you. AZ (2013)


Dr. Lipson has been helping me for at least 2 years now. She had definitely seen me at my worst. Even so she always finds a way to help me see clearly, which with my illness is very hard to do. I struggle with severe OCD. This is the hardest thing I have ever had to deal with in my life. I don't wish it on anyone. Through therapy with Dr. Lipson she has helped me to see my disease for what it is, a disease. She continues to help me see the person I am inside and not the disease itself. I truly don't know where I would be today if it hadn't been for her patience and loving direction in this whole process. I feel completely comfortable telling her my innnermost thoughts, which for me is a tremendous challenge. She always listens in a kind, non judging way and try's to empathize with what I'm going through. You see that helping people is not a job for her, she truly enjoys it and makes it her goal to do everything she can. She goes out of her way to make herself available (morning, noon and night) because she knows the importance of it to the patient. Dr. Lipson is a very special individual that has helped me a great deal and I am very thankful for that. AZ (2013)


After well over a decade of living with mental illness, I am truly fortunate to have found Dr. Lipson. She has been working with me for almost two years, and during that time I have achieved so much, despite some big challenges. Dr. Lipson is a tireless advocate for her patients, and will always be in your corner.  AZ (2013)




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