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Healing with Poetry - Learning by example

With Time and Space

It is all in this place

Create and Divinate

Let it Resonate

Beyond the past of Time and place

Like the Prophet who

Does not know he rolls

Words of Wisdom from his tongue

Let all the truths you hold inside

Reside in your mind

Not behind locked and closed doors

of your chosen reality.

You have heard it many times

Spoken on tongues of people who you

Have seen in your dreams which transform

Your lucidity

With time and space create

And divinate that which is destined to resonate

In your soul like lovers in a mad embrace

Like the tides running high with gems of life

They roll onto lands of dry heat

The life glistens in the harsh sun

Glisten like gems to create, divinate

Let your voice Resonate loud........

As the teacher who has found his faith.

Tolerate only what helps you to create in time and Space ......

In this your Place.

copyright 1993 Mindy Beth Lipson

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