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Copy of The Sacred Warrior

As I write this passage I know I am guided by the great source that creates all. None of us are immune to death. It is an in alterable reality. How we live is the key. This article is written for the wounded warriors of our time who are not seen for the beauty and honor they bestow on our world. Warriors can be soldiers, mothers, teachers, doctors, nurses, patients with chronic or acute illnesses, even children can be warriors. So much of society is filled with the sacred warrior. Our dance for the warrior is to begin to appreciate and put upright what has been torn upside down. Illness and wounds have become synonymous with weakness. Wounds are badges one wears to show how his or her courage and integrity got them to this point. As warriors we need to find one another and honor our process, not ignore or avoid or deny traumas that the sacred warriors possess. When you have walked out of the battlefield of a traumatic childhood, of a war itself, of a surgical challenge or live with a disability of the body then you need support and healing. It is shown in early studies of babies who were not held when they were born that they failed to thrive. Our warriors need our affection and love so they can heal. We have lost our tribal connections to heal those that help and fight for us. Little children who go through abuse fight for us every day as an adult that they do not repeat patterns of pain onto others and those with illnesses fight every day to sustain a life that may not be visible to others, but effects their every move. We as a community, society and larger world need to stop denigrating our warriors. They are there not only to fight, but to teach us other ways to grow and learn about ourselves and our own strengths. We must not falter as this path of a warrior is a sacred one and will continue on for as long as we are a species. We need better community care and honor for those who fight to live. Our warriors are turning to alternative options, like drugs and alcohol which only compounds the problem. I am asking for people to call me with stories of true warriors that you know so we can begin to show the sacred power of the warrior and what it truly is and is not.


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