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Transforming Darkness to Light. For my brothers and sisters Israel.

Right now with all the pain people are feeling and what we are facing as a Jewish nation (Benei Yisrael -children of Israel) it is important to remember that the Infinite Source of blessing wants us to use our light toward each other. Loving each other no matter the package we arrive in during this lifetime. That package and soul may even change many times as our souls grow and evolve. We need to comfort one another, listen to one another, ask one another how we are, pray for one another, teach and learn from one another, send sustenance as well as prayers to our souls and heal those already wounded emotionally, physically and struggling spiritually. Pray for the souls of our brothers and sisters who died Kiddush Hashem and to our many souls who are held captive send them our light, energy and prayers and our constant certainty they will be returned home. Send constant certainty and comfort to our spiritual and earthly warriors in their missions to reveal light. Our Holy Torah tells us what we must do. As a people we must grow and examine the places we have become complacent within our own spiritual life and missions here. We have to find our way back to Am Yisrael Echad and En Od Milvado. We are here to stand up for light and spread that light and truth. We only have to please the source of all blessing and do what is right in his eyes and for his oneness. He is always examining and with us. Study your holy texts for comfort and his all merciful love. I am here for those who need to reach out and am praying and loving you all.


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