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Many paths to healing

This site is for those seeking transformative changes in their lives and my first blog post on my updated website will be about the many paths to healing. We can search our whole lives for healing because as we shed one layer another one appears. Just when you think "I got it", another mountain to climb appears. One thing I have noticed over the last several years is that there are so many ways that people search for healing and so many paths to take. How does one know which is correct? Well the answer might be all of them if they are in line with your soul and you stay in your power when making the decision. Maybe you are facing some severe challenges and feel crippled that you are not in charge of your life anymore? Maybe you say it is impossible for me to be healed? Well, maybe your definition needs to be changed. There are so many healers out in the world today that speak about abundance and that we all should be having perfect health, relationships, jobs, passions, however, if we are in this place called earth then we need to accept that we are going to be faced with things we either don't want to do or don't know how to face. Many healing paths put a lot of blame on the patients or clients or humans who so desperately are searching for answers. In my recent life and clinical studies, I find that we are all on different levels of evolution, mentally, emotionally and spiritually so what seems weird and out of line for one person may be just what might work for you. I think we need to face facts that when you think "you get it", you probably don't. Noone "gets it". We all are learning and we can reach more and more levels of ascension when we face the fact that all roads might lead to healing, but not necessarily in the way we expect. Are you willing to accept that fact and be open to the process. I know when you are crippled by such challenging life situations you don't think there is healing, but maybe it is the definitions we have that are wrong. What if everything we are doing is about healing. Healing ourselves, our planet and each other. That is the way I want to look at it. I hope you will join me in this thought, even if it makes no sense in the moment with what you are facing in your own life path. Just know that even in the pain, the healing does come, it just might not look like we imagined. It could be much much better. Blessing and Peace, Dr. Lipson

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