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Saying Goodbyes

Hi lovelies. Sorry I have not posted any thoughts in a bit. This topic has come to my attention again in life and practice that for many of us it can be so painful or hard to explain to others your sadness and confusion when you realize that others have meant way more in your life than you do to them or that the relationship has moved to a point where that is the case. These endings can even be a natural progression of life and not a choice someone made. Endings are handled so differently for so many people based off of a lot of our past patterns with family or trauma history. We need to be more empathic and cognizant of our role in other people's lives and how our presence or a change in our presence may effects others. Whether we are working with, loving, befriending, or any other relationship dynamic, endings symbolize a change and change occurs differently to everyone. Endings may mean different things to each of us. Even as Mitch Albom says that all endings are beginnings, it does not take away the feelings related to that ending and processing that will feel different to each of us. Please be more kind and loving to yourself and forgive yourself and others if endings are hard for you as it is part of your growth and learning to be less attached to aspects of life. Change is growth, no matter the pain. All blessings.

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