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165 days- Bring them HOME.....NOW!!!!!

Sending prayers for all the jews around the world and the righteous in our generation of all varieties who stand up for truth, especially to the 134 captives and our brave Israeli soldiers who fight for humanity and the rights of all G-d fearing people. May H" be right by your side - our side fighting our battles and clearing this evil. To all those who are being brutalized physically, sexually, emotionally you are not alone. I am with you, WE will never forget our brothers and sisters in captivity!!! If the world and media forgets you. I will not forget you. If the world tries to forget they will not be able to. The captives will never be forgotten - we remember and will not stop until you come home and are found. Enduring anti-semitic statements daily seems to be the norm for us. Love one another more and more. Remember who put us here - Ha Kadosh Baruch HU. Dig Deep in your souls to keep the love alive and Ein Od Milvado. Psychological trauma is all around us- but our healer is the most powerful!!! Stay positive, stay strong. I love you all!!!


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